Over 300,000 Spotify Accounts Compromised in Credential-Stuffing Attack

Alina Bizga 23 Nov 2020 470

An Elasticsearch database with over 380 million records, including ..

Cybercriminals are using Google reCAPTCHA to hide their phishing attacks

Graham CLULEY 01 May 2020 772

I doubt any of us would claim to be fans of CAPTCHA – the puz..

WHO Admits to Leaked Credentials, Says Number of Cyberattacks Increased Fivefold

SILVIU STAHIE 28 Apr 2020 313

The World Health Organization (WHO) admitted that around 450 active..

NASA has developed an experimental fully electric plane with 14 motors on its wings

BRITTANY CHANG 05 Apr 2020 50

NASA has created the X-57 Maxwell, a fully-electric experimental ai..

Facebook is getting a major redesign, and you can switch to it right now

BEN GILBERT 04 Apr 2020 68

Facebook is getting a major visual overhaul.

The redesign..

Renault unveils shapeshifting Morphoz concept car

Natashah Hitti 03 Mar 2020 302

Renault has designed an all-electric concept car that can be p..

TESLA’S Secret Project Could Make Electric Cars Cheaper and Boost Range

Mike Brown 28 Feb 2020 41

Tesla is working on a new battery project that could bring prices d..

Mercedes-Benz unveils scale-covered concept car inspired by Avatar movie

Natashah Hitti 08 Jan 2020 329

Mercedes-Benz has revealed its take on the vehicle as a "..

Nana Addo launches Ghana’s Digital Property Address System

Rex Mainoo Yeboah 19 Oct 2017 442

A National Digital and Property Addressing System, aptly-dubbed &ls..

Accidental hero' halts ransomware attack and warns

Nadia Khomami 13 May 2017 495

Expert who stopped spread of attack by activating software’s ..

Airbus plans to test self-driven airborne taxi by the end of 2017

Darrell Etherington 16 Jan 2017 313

Airbus is not kidding around about flying cars – the maker of..

Microsoft acquires Maluuba, a startup focused on general artificial intelligence

Darrell Etherington 13 Jan 2017 146

Microsoft has acquired Canadian startup Maluuba, a company founded ..

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