The Monarchs Of The Ashanti Kingdom Till Date

Kwaku Darko 19 Sep 2016 193
Since the March 2014, relevant local, national and international heal..


The Banyoro people live in western Uganda to the east of Lake Albert t..

Traditional Greetings among Banyoro

Traditional way of Greeting among Banyoro The Banyoro used pet name..

The Okebu

Principally, the Okebu indigenes were mixed agriculturalists. They gre..

Bagwere Customs

The Bagwere can be traced to Pallisa district. Their language, lugwere..

The Ewe Traditional Cosmology And Cosmogony

ghanaculture 02 May 2008 4687
This paper is the result of eleven years research that I have been con..

Fort SAO JORGE da MINA 06 Sep 2006 1476
The first European fort in Ghana was Fort Sao Jorge da Mina (Elmina), ..

The Golden Stool Sika Dwa

Open 30 Aug 2006 4678
Synonymous with the Ashanti is the legend of the 'Golden Stool' (sika ..

Child Naming Ceremonies in Ghana

Naming and outdooring ceremonies is celebrated in most Ghanaian commun..

How The mmoa-Nni-Nko Festival came about

Open 19 Aug 2006 975
The " MMOA-NNI -NKO’ festival is being celebrated by the people of Off..

Dagomba - The Warriors

Dagombas are the descendants of Gbewa. The state of Dagomba was founde..

Kakum National Park

Elizabeth Awotwe 16 Aug 2006 1297
I am Elizabeth Awotwe. I am 16 years of age and SSS 2 student in Armed..
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