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Polio In Africa

Ernest Senaya 17 Aug 2008 89

Polio is a contagious viral disease which crippled tens of thousands in the 1950s, and killed more than a thousand a year. Because it is a mild gastrointestinal illness in young children and a ser..

Fictitious Trading

Ernest Senaya 17 Aug 2008 93

Wash trading, bucketing, cross trading, or other types of trade which are designed to give the appearance of trading even though no competitive trade has occurred.

Factoring In Business

Ernest Senaya 17 Aug 2008 93

A company which is owed money by trade debtors faces the risk of slow payment or default on those debts, which can put strain on its cash flow. One of the ways it can mitigate this danger is by 'facto..

A Disadvantages Of Too Much fiber?

Ernest Senaya 27 Jul 2008 55

A disadvantage of too much fiber is constipation and possibly obstruction if severe enough. Answer: I think the above answer is wrong. Every source I've read says fiber PREVENTS constipation, not c..

What Is An Offshore Company?

Ernest Senaya 27 Jul 2008 93

A company incorporated in a country where there is little government control and/or low tax rates


Ernest Senaya 27 Jul 2008 98

The situation where a small number of firms control the supply, and strongly influence the price, of a good or service.

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