Moneyterms 10 Jun 2008 106
A monopoly exists where there is only one supplier of a product or ser..

Cross Elasticity

Moneyterms 10 Jun 2008 124
A cross elasticity is the effect on the change in demand or supply of ..


Moneyterms 10 Jun 2008 106
Investors can reduce risk, and improve the level of risk relative to r..


Moneyterms 01 May 2008 114
An audit is a verification of a company's accounts. Internal audits ar..

Auditors' Opinion

Moneyterms 01 May 2008 108
The auditors opinion is the most important part of the audit report th..


Moneyterms 01 May 2008 104
Averaging down is buying more of a security an investor has already bo..

Agreed Takeover Bid

moneyterms 25 Apr 2008 133
An agreed takeover bid, as opposed to a hostile one, is a bid that is ..

Creative Accounting

moneyterms 25 Apr 2008 104
Creative accounting, also called aggressive accounting, is the manipul..

Agency Theory

moneyterms 25 Apr 2008 119
Agency theory is the branch of financial economics that looks at confl..

Agency Cross

moneyterms 25 Apr 2008 105
A transaction in a security is an agency cross if a broker matches ord..

AIM (Alternative Investment Market)

moneyterms 25 Apr 2008 97
AIM (alternative investment market) is a market run by the London Stoc..

Angel Investor

moneyterms 25 Apr 2008 103
Many start-up companies cannot raise venture capital investment. This ..
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