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Ten Reasons To Invest (mostly) In Your Home Country

Moneyterms 10 Jun 2008 96

Most private investors, and a good many others, invest most of their money in their own country. It is often argued that this misses an opportunity to diversify, and therefore a worse combination of r..

Risks And Trends

Moneyterms 10 Jun 2008 126

The big attraction of the pharmaceutical sector is that it is very defensive. Most of the risks it is subject to are specific to the company and are diversifiable. There are also some risks to the sec..


Moneyterms 10 Jun 2008 106

A monopoly exists where there is only one supplier of a product or service. This allows the supplier to charge higher prices than if there was competition. There are degrees of monopoly and only the m..

Cross Elasticity

Moneyterms 10 Jun 2008 124

A cross elasticity is the effect on the change in demand or supply of one good as a result of a change in something related to another product. Unqualified, it means a cross price elasticity: how much..


Moneyterms 10 Jun 2008 106

Investors can reduce risk, and improve the level of risk relative to return, by diversifying their portfolios. Diversifying portfolios moves them closer to the efficient frontier The key to diversi..


Moneyterms 01 May 2008 114

An audit is a verification of a company's accounts. Internal audits are checks carried out as part of the company's own controls. When used unqualified the word audit is usually taken to mean external..

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