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Health Watch | 7 Life Saving Cues

Yahoo Lifestyle 25 Sep 2010 1833

"Guy walks into a doctor's office..." That's not the start of a joke—that is the joke. Men don't go to doctors unless they're in serious pain or really spooked about something. We have our reasons, as..

Drinking Water Helps Weight Loss

Yahoo Lifestyle 21 Sep 2010 1103

Hurrah! No more potions, gruelling exercise, or all turnip diets. In what could fairly be called a watershed moment, scientists have confirmed that drinking copious amounts of water before a meal h..

Persistent Headache -One of the dozen Health Watch Signs

Yahoo Lifestyle 28 Jun 2010 1035

Headaches are very common and they can be caused by a large number of triggers - stress, alcohol, poor sleep, hunger, fevers, pre-menstrual syndrome, meningitis, high blood pressure, eye strain, a..

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