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Getting Kids To Brush Their Teeth

generalmedicine 03 Aug 2008 473

If your kids fight your efforts to keep their teeth clean and don't want to brush, what can you do? Try these creative tips to encourage better toothbrushing compliance. When you ask your children ..

Rosemary Herb Helps Memory

generalmedicine 03 Aug 2008 494

New research details how the culinary and medicinal herb, rosemary, a delight to taste and smell, also protects our brains against neurodegeneration from free radicals. Who doesn’t love the tangy, ..

Choose A Heart-healthy Lifestyle

generalmedicine 03 Aug 2008 101

What's the best combination of diet and lifestyle factors to maximize your chances of avoiding a myocardial infarction? Swedish researchers have the answer. If you eat healthy food, drink only mode..

Daily Nap Helps!

generalmedicine 03 Aug 2008 142

The ‘what’ and ‘how to’ of longterm memory Longterm memory is defined as a permanent memory that doesn't disappear or that disappears after many years. There are two types – memories of ‘what’ (wha..

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