Why Cow ?

Open 16 Feb 2006 480
A student was severly punished by a teacher for failing to spell the w..

Mr Nothing Speech

Open 16 Feb 2006 479
Good morning and Good Day to you all, ladies and gentle men gathered h..

The Prayer of the Christian Bachelor

Open 16 Feb 2006 570
Lord, you know I love Christi, but there is also Anastacia and am not ..


Open 16 Feb 2006 465
Once a young boy (about 5yrs) went to church with her mother and this ..


Open 16 Feb 2006 511
Reported in the Nairobi Bar Association Lawyers monthly Journal, the f..


Open 16 Feb 2006 495
A small village priest was very fond of the hens he kept in the hen ho..

Little Johnny

Open 16 Feb 2006 505
Little Johnny came running into the house and asked,
"Mommy, can ..

The Angry Girl's Letter

Bashir 16 Feb 2006 528
Dear my dearest,This is your girlfriend calling you from Besease town...

Difficult Question

Kofi 16 Feb 2006 496
Q:What do you do when you are not doing anything?

Feathers of a Goat

Kofi 16 Feb 2006 496
Once a teacher was teaching agriculture in a class. He brought a goat ..
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