countrystudies 25 Mar 2008 102
Forests cover about one-third of Ghana's total area, with commercial ..


countrstudies 25 Mar 2008 105
One of the most pressing economic problems faced by all postindepende..


countrystudies 25 Mar 2008 106
Ghana is one of the world's leading exporters of manganese; however, o..


countrystudies 25 Mar 2008 105
The government also is trying to expand Ghana's diamond mining indust..


countrystudies 25 Mar 2008 106
Ghana has produced and exported gold for centuries. In precolonial ti..

Food Crops and Livestock

countrystudies 21 Mar 2008 101
The main food crops are corn, yams, cassava, and other root crops. De..

Other Commercial Crops

countrystudies 21 Mar 2008 88
The main industrial crops are palm oil, cotton, rubber, sugar cane, t..


countrystudies 21 Mar 2008 96
Cocoa production occurs in the forested areas of the country-- Ashant..


MJFM 21 Mar 2008 101
Agriculture is Ghana's most important economic sector, employing more..


countrystudies 21 Mar 2008 97
Despite the revival of the export sector, most Ghanaians continued to..

The Economy

MJFM 20 Mar 2008 102
GHANA'S ECONOMY HAS LEFT an indelible imprint on the country's social..

Structure of the Economy

countrystudies 20 Mar 2008 99
Most government efforts to restore the productivity of the Ghanaian ec..
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