moneyterms 25 Apr 2008 100
Amortisation is the equivalent of depreciation for intangible assets. ..

Alpha Fund

moneyterms 25 Apr 2008 103
The term alpha fund is misleading because although it implies maximisi..


moneyterms 25 Apr 2008 104
The α (alpha) of a security or fund is its outperformance over th..


moneyterms 25 Apr 2008 105
Allotment is the allocation of securities to applicants for a new issu..

Accrued Interest

moneyterms 23 Apr 2008 102
The accrued interest on a bond is the amount of interest that has been..

Active Investing

moneyterms 23 Apr 2008 104
Active investing is the opposite of the strategies adopted by passive ..


moneyterms 23 Apr 2008 97
A, B and C1 are the highest three social grades in the most commonly u..

Abnormal Return

moneyterms 23 Apr 2008 98
The abnormal return produced by a portfolio is the excess of the actua..

Accrual Principle

moneyterms 23 Apr 2008 103
The principle of accrual (also called matching) is fundamental to acco..

Accounting Rate Of Return (ARR)

moneyterms 23 Apr 2008 88
The accounting rate of return (ARR) is a very simple (in fact overly s..

Absolute Return

moneyterms 23 Apr 2008 101
An absolute return is the actual amount of money made by an investment..


moneyterms 23 Apr 2008 98
Once a takeover bid is formally made shareholders in the target compan..
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