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The Controller and Accountant Generalís Department otherwise known as the Accounting Class was established under the Civil Service Act, 1960 (CA.5). The constitution and the Administration Act, 2003, Act 654 provides the legal framework that governs the operations of the Controller and Accountant Generalís Department and the functions of the Controller and Accountant-General of Ghana.The Controller and Accountant- General in his capacity as the Governmentís Chief Accounting Officer, is expected to be the chief advisor to the Minister of Finance and the Government on accounting matters. As the Governmentís Chief Accountant, the Controller and Accountant-General is empowered by law to:

Have access at all reasonable times to all files, documents and other records relating to the accounts of every Government department.
Required to receive from heads of Public Services such information, reports and explanations on all accounting matters necessary for the proper performance of his function.
Station in all Government departments his staff to enable him to more effectively carry out his statutory and other functions.
Approve all developmental accounting instructions.
Promote the development of efficient accounting system within all Government departments.


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