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Expose Album Manager Login Problems  

Posted: 10/11/2011 Source: Nuruddin Boateng Read: 25115 Times
After changing servers, expose which is a joomla gallery component might develop issues with the backend manager login. If you have tried every possible advice you can try this one
The cause of the problem might be unwanted spaces that have been introduced to some key files during the file transfer
you can check on the following files and remove any blank spaces after the php script closure ?>

1. components\com_expose\expose\manager\amfphp\amf-core\app\Constants.php
2. components\com_expose\expose\manager\amfphp\amf-core\util\AMFBody.php
3. components\com_expose\expose\manager\amfphp\amf-core\app\php5Executive.php

Note that there m ight be other files

To know which other files might be involved or if this will be a solution for you use firebug with firefox to capture the login error response on the gateway.php file


  1. AkwasiSays

    Thanks very much I have spent years I even gave up

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