Money Management Strategies

Ernest Senaya 30 Jan 2008 100
* Get serious about the business of money. * Keep a list of your goal..

Determing salary structure for your organization

Ernest Senaya 29 Jan 2008 98
Should every employee in an organization earn the same salary? why is ..

Building a team

About ezine 29 Jan 2008 95
People in every workplace talk about building the team, working as a..

accounting concept and conventions

Ernest Senaya 28 Jan 2008 101
In drawing up accounting statements, whether they are external "financ..

A financial plan

Ernest Senaya 28 Jan 2008 95
A financial plan consists of sets of financial statements that forecas..

Economic and policy

Ernest Senaya 21 Jan 2008 100
Economics play a major role in helping governments to devise economic ..

The Circular flow of goods and incomes

Ernest Senaya 21 Jan 2008 92
The process of satisfying human wants involves producers and consumers..

The Oligopolistic Market

Ernest Senaya 21 Jan 2008 99
Oligopoly is the form of market organization in which there are few se..

A Business Plan

Ernest Senaya 18 Jan 2008 58
If you are approaching a banker for a loan for a start-up business, yo..

Capital Assets and Depreciation

Ernest Senaya 16 Jan 2008 89
Almost every business must invest in some major equipment, vehicles, m..

Rational Decision Making

Ernest Senaya 16 Jan 2008 94
Rational decision making involves weighing up the marginal benefit and..

Economics as a social science

Ernest Senaya 16 Jan 2008 93
Economics concerns human behaviour. One problem here is that individua..
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