Partisan Politics Creeping Into The Church - Caesar Kale

Source: Ghana News Agency - 13/02/2011  Read: 900 times

Mr. Caesar Kale, Deputy Upper West Regional Minister, has expressed concern about the trend of partisan politics that was creeping into churches lately.

He said the church is one of the vehicles that should be

used for re-engineering and re-emphasising societal values

such as the patriotism and not perpetuating the current spate

of devastating polarization of almost everything in the


Mr. Kale raised the concern at the Golden Jubilee

Celebration of the Tumu Catholic Parish on Friday, which

was on the theme: “50 years of evangelism in the Sissala land;

achievements, challenges and the way forward”.

He said: “If the society including the church says hard

work, respect and discipline are worthy virtues and requires

emulation, then we should acknowledge and reward the

pursuit of those virtues and deeds and not consider worldly

possessions above them”.

“The youth are smart, they observe and if society

recognises the wealthy, why should they not do anything and

everything to be recognised, and who will suffer the

consequences – ourselves, our children and generations

unborn”, Mr. Kale pointed out.

Mr. Kale pleaded with the Catholic Church to continue to

be amendable of the use of traditional dances and instruments

during worship as it was one of the surest ways of

perpetuating Ghana’s culture, considering the rate at which

some cultural practices were fast being corrupted and

deserting the people.

He commended the Catholic Church for providing

potable water, basic schools and training institutions as well

as introducing animal traction to the Sissala people.

The government recognised the role Churches play in the

transformation of the people hence the institutionalization of

an “Annual Prayer and Thanksgiving Day” in the country.

Mr. Kale gave the assurance that government would

continue to provide and partner the church to improve the

available infrastructure to open up doors for more evangelism

and for other socio-economic activities in the Sissala area.

Catholics from other regions and neighbouring Burkina

Faso attended the forum.

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