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Posted: 07/05/2011 Source: Government of India Read: 10014 Times
Tomb of Jesus

Watch Related VideoThe present building built from bricks and mortar is raised on the ancient stone sepulchre. the building is rectangular, with an attached entrance chamber. Towards the East of the structure lies the common grave-yard.

"The plinth of the present building is in reality a rectangular structure enclosed by walls made of chiselled stone blocks of big size. Very recently, the ancient stone wallings have been plastered with cement, but the upper portion of the original door, for access to the crypt, is still visible. Its decorated stones have been plastered with cement. The cella is an ancient structure decorated internally but access to is blocked now by the road towards its West, which have arisen in the past. There is also a small niche towards the North of this access door. This cella is the original sepulchre containing the remains of Yuz Asaf.

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